Our Salon Team

Meet our hair salon team, our family centered environment is essential to you feeling welcomed in this upscale hair and beauty salon.



Has won several national and international hair styling competitions, and eventually began to judge them. Nine years ago, Carmelo was inducted in the National Cosmetology Association Hall of Renown, a hall of fame for hairdressers. He is past president of the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) of Connecticut, and vice president and general creative director of Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC), a global hairdressers organization with members from 67 countries. When somebody comes to this country, they see more opportunities than those who were born here, he says. I came with hunger and thirst for that opportunity.


Artistic Director

Leonardo became a licensed hairstylist when he was 16 years old and has been in the beauty business since 12 years old, helping his dad, Carmelo with shampooing and sweeping in his salon. Since then he has been a competitor, platform educator and creative designer for 3 of NCA's Hair-America collections. Leo has worn many hats as a competitor, instructor, educator and designer. His strength is creating distinctive looks as a hair designer for photo shoots. Leo is active keeping up with an array of fashion and beauty trends. He is an instrumental facet to this CT based hair salon family. Leo has an active role in developing LeMarca hair products and tools. He has been holding educational seminars for many years both nationally and internationally. He was recently featured on NBC, caring for clients & creating awareness for Cut it out program.

In addition to his passion for hairdressing he also holds a Master’s degree in International business from the University of Hartford and is always looking for ways to implement his knowledge and teaching of the salon atmosphere into the classroom setting. When not behind the chair or in the classroom Leo can be found traveling and spending time with his family.


Artistic Director

Martin Gugliotti became a licensed hairstylist when he was just 16 years old and has accomplished a great deal, with credentials ranging from education to competition. His competition history is not something to be overlooked. He has won 3 National Championships, competed in many International competitions, participated in 3 World Championships, and is a 2nd place World Champion. He continues to instruct classes throughout the country and has taken part in numerous hair shows nationally and internationally. Martin graduated from the UCONN school of Engineering in 2001. He keeps himself busy being a Master Stylist/Co-Owner of Gugliotti Salon and Spa as well as the Dean of Students/Co-Owner for the International Institute of Cosmetology. Besides being an advanced sculpting educator he also is a key component in ensuring graduates are prepared for a career as a stylist. In addition, he is also a member of the following association’s; CEA (Cosmetology Educators of America), AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools), NCA (National Cosmetology Association), TSA (The Salon Association) and OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure. In his free time he enjoys fishing and relaxing with his wife and daughters.


Client Relations Director

Luciana has been employed by Gugliotti's since 1990. She started off as a front desk receptionist and has grown to be an integral part of building relationships with our Gugliotti Clientele and has also become the foundation for our Gugliotti Team. Luciana has since become Gugliottis Client Relations Director and carries this title with pride. She finds that she takes a sincere pleasure in catering to the needs and desires of the Gugliotti Clientele and is always willing to gratify the requests of the client whether it is to find an appointment, assist in stylist or product recommendations, or to lend an open ear. 


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